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Feeding and Talk Times

CHECK FOR Feeding and Talk Times

There are feeds and talks taking place throughout the day!

Ever wanted to know what penguins eat for breakfast? Or why the ominous looking Grey Nurse Shark is often referred to as the Labrador of the sea? SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's is a longtime favourite Auckland attraction and it's no wonder with so much to see and do inside our aquarium! Children and adults alike can get to know more about the amazing creatures in our seas by watching them feed first hand. Check the daily feeding times here and become an instant expert with our range of educational daily talks. The best part is, they're all included in your admission price!


Penguin Talk and Feed

Get your happy feet down to the Antarctic Ice Adventure and watch our penguins dipping, diving and gliding around through our viewing windows. During this feed, our colonies of King and Gentoo penguins receive their breakfast and vitamins from the curation team. Discover all of the unique traits that these majestic sub-Antarctic birds possess and the conservation efforts to protect them. Don't miss the only scheduled penguin feed of the day! 
🕚  11:30 A.M. daily
📍  Antarctic Ice Adventure

Shark Feed

Survival of the fittest' is the name of the game when its feeding time in our shark tank! Watch as two of our divers, each with a bucket of mullet and kahawai, hand feed our sharks in the Shark Tunnel. 
🕑  2:00 P.M. every Tuesday and Thursday 
📍  Shark Tunnel

Turtle Talk

Did you know that all the turtles at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's have been rescued and will one day be released back into the wild? Catch the Turtle Talk at Turtle Bay for more about these amazing creatures! penguin activity in the enclosure. 
🕙  10:30 A.M. daily
🕐  1:00 P.M. daily
🕒  3:00 P.M. daily
📍  Turtle Bay

Rock Pool Discovery

Did you know how a starfish eats his morning tea? Or what a kina looks like up close? Find out more about the creatures who inhabit our Rock Pools (near Turtle bay) during this weird and wonderful presentation. 
🕚  11:00 A.M.daily
🕛  12:30 P.M. daily
🕑  2:30 P.M. daily
📍  Rock Pool 

Fish Gallery Feed

Join our curation team in Fish Gallery to see a variety of marine life being fed. This is a great opportunity to learn about some of our weird and wonderful creatures - from the venomous Lion Fish to our huge Packhorse crayfish.
🕛  12:00 noon daily
📍  Fish Gallery

Oceanarium Diver Hand Feed

This encounter at Shipwreck Discovery includes the feeding of a variety of different marine animals including Sea Turtles, and a large array of fish life. Our fish consume about 100kg of fresh fish, mussels and dietary supplements a week. 
🕑  2:00 P.M. daily excluding Tuesdays and Thursdays
📍  Shipwreck Discovery

Oceanarium Surface Feed

A member of our curation team feeds the many inhabitants of the Oceanarium tank at Shipwreck Discovery by dropping food (including mussels, herring, squid) from a raft. Watch as fish dart at rapid speeds trying to get their share of the food.  
🕒  3:30 P.M. daily excluding Wednesdays
📍  Shipwreck Discovery

Please note talk and feeding times are subject to change. We try our very best to maintain a regular schedule of presentations at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's, however, we occasionally make changes in the interests of animal welfare. We'll strive to update the website if and when we make changes to the schedule. To be sure you won't miss a thing, please enquire about your favourite animal feed on entry.