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Shark Cage Adventure

Come face to face with these amazing creatures

Shark Cage runs 1pm and 2.30pm every Saturday and Sunday
Shark Cage: 25min cage
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Aquariums get you close to marine animals, but Shark Cage gets you even closer.

For the more adventurous visitor, Kelly Tarlton's offers thrilling Animal Adventures where you can get face to face with amazing predators of the deep - sharks.

Snorkel with the sharks on a Shark Cage experience, for the true adrenaline junkie!

This is a unique opportunity to get eye-to-eye with these incredible ocean predators, so take the plunge today!

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Shark Cage Adventure

Our most popular adrenaline activity – Shark Cage - is a unique way to get face-to-face with amazing predators of the deep, with nothing but a cage between you and the sharks!

The cage is submerged in our predator tank - home to School, Sand Tiger, Wobbegong and Broadnose Sevengill sharks - so you're guaranteed to have a close encounter of the shark kind, every time. Through the cage's clear Perspex bottom you can marvel at sharks, stingrays and other fish from New Zealand's coastal waters swimming below, or past the mesh walls of the cage - often only feet away.

With no diving experience required, and all the instruction you need from our experienced guides, this snorkel experience is the easiest, safest and most exciting way to meet the often feared predators of the deep! The experience takes approximately 1 hour - 15 minutes of which are spent snorkeling with the sharks. Prior to taking the plunge you will get a behind-the-scenes peek at Kelly Tarlton's before being briefed for your encounter.

NEW: Videos of your experience are now included!

Participants will receive a memory card containing underwater videos from their dive at the end of their experience.


  • NEW: Photos and videos now included! You will be issued a GoPro to use in the cage, and take the memory card home with you.
  • Pricing is in NZ dollars and includes general admission to Kelly Tarlton's.
  • Prices are valid at time of publishing and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All discount coupons can be used with direct bookings only. Vouchers are not accepted with online bookings.
  • Price includes entry to the aquarium for the participant. Accompanying visitors are eligible to a 20% discount off their entrance fee. To obtain this discount visitors must be booked by phone at the same time or enter the aquarium with the participant. Not valid with any other discounts.



Refunds CANNOT be offered for guests who book but do not meet the criteria for participation detailed in the above documents.

NOTE: If you are pregnant you will not be allowed to participate in this Animal Adventure.


Bring togs and a towel and wear covered footwear. Everything else is provide - spring suit, booties, and mask & snorkel.

Session Times 

2 sessions every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 2.30pm. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your Shark Adventure begins.


Bookings ARE ESSENTIAL for all encounters. Availability of Animal Adventures programs are limited and can be pre-booked online now or by telephoning reservations on +64 9 531 5065 or 0800 446 725 (free phone within New Zealand).

Criteria for Participation Summary

  • If you are pregnant you will not be allowed to participate in this Shark Adventure.
  • Minimum height restriction is 1.3 metres. Tank is 3.3 metres deep. 
  • Maximum six people per session
  • All persons aged 17 and under must have signed parental/ guardian consent (guardian must be 18 year or older) and must be accompanied into the Shark Cage by an adult
  • Participants must follow instructions given by the guide
  • All participants must complete and sign both the Kelly Tarlton's Animal Adventure Terms and Conditions which includes a Statement of Understanding and Assumption of Risk Agreement and the Medical Declaration. If applicable, a doctor's medical clearance must be displayed to the adventure guide.
  • If you are purchasing this experience as a gift you must make the recipient aware of the Terms and Conditions which includes a Statement of Understanding and Assumption of Risk Agreement and the Medical Declaration.


With a wiggly, lethargic swimming style and a small dorsal fin that looks like it's slipped down its back; the Sevengill gives the impression that it's clumsy and docile. Nothing could be further from the truth however, as it can have explosive bursts of speed.

Its toothless smile belies a top jaw full of razor sharp pointed teeth, which are designed to pin its prey. The bottom jaw has rows of rectangular teeth, each with many serrations - a very efficient and effective sawing tool.

  • Scientific Name: Notorynchus cepidianus
  • Maximum Length: 3 metres
  • Colour: Grey or brown above with scattered black and white spots, creamy white underneath
  • Family: Hexanchidae
  • Diet at Kelly's: Mullet, Kahawai
  • Unique Traits: Blunt snout and small dorsal fin
  • Habitat: Found around NZ most commonly in the North Island. Also found in Australia, India, South Africa and Japan

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  • Dive into our shark tank for a truly unique experience (ages 14+)
  • Spend ~25 minutes coming face-to-face with sharks
  • Price includes all day aquarium admission