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Excursion Information

Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium is Auckland’s leading school excursion venue, with thousands of students visiting each year!
Be immersed in the learning opportunities of Kelly Tarlton’s. Highlights of a trip include getting up close to New Zealand’s only colony of Antarctic penguins – the majestic Kings and playful Gentoos. Come face to face with thousands of marine creatures including sting rays, sharks, octopus and more. Your trip may include a free lesson session for your class or group, and a self-guided tour through the world of Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Lesson Topics:

Early Childhood Education

Primary & Intermediate


NCEA Levels 1-3

Puppet Show

-          Meet Jim & his friends

Home Sweet Home

-          Habitats and adaptations

Survival in the sea

-     Adaptations

-     Body systems

Marine Careers

-   Careers after school

Meet our Animals

-   Basic animal features & facts

Who Eats Who

-   Food chains & food    webs

Avoiding Extinction

-    Human impacts

-    Conservation & sustainability

Survival in the sea

-   Biology 2.3 OR

Biology 3.3 & 3.4

-    EFS 3.2


Avoiding Extinction

-    Human impacts

-    Conservation & sustainability


-    Exploration

-    Extreme habitats

Ocean Systems

-     ESS 3.4


-    Exploration

-     Extreme habitats

Marine Careers

-    Careers after school

Business & Tourism

-     BS 1.5

-      S 2.1



Try our famous Sleepover option! Bring your group for a magical night at Kelly Tarlton's where you can observe for yourselves whether fish close their eyes when they sleep, or if sharks snore!  These exciting nights run from 7:00pm to approximately 9:00am the next day and include supper and breakfast, special behind the scenes tour, fish feeding, educational presentations and more!

If your school hasn't experienced this yet, now is the time to book.

Should you require a classroom session the Education Team will work with you to ensure your curriculum objectives are met.


Make an Sleepover Booking Enquiry


General Info About School Excursions

On display is a large and comprehensive collection of aquatic life, and Antarctic Penguins.

What you can discover at Kelly Tarlton's:

  • Antarctic Ice Adventure with a new viewing area for our sub-Antarctic
    penguins and a replica of Scott's Hut
  • Stingray Bay featuring giant stingrays and enchanting elephant sharks
  • Shipwreck Shores is an awesome play zone
  • Shark Tank and Shipwreck Discovery tank with thousands of native fish
  • Fish gallery hosts tropical species, fresh water eels and huge crayfish
  • Seahorese Kingdom showcases weird and wonderful Seahorse species.


School buses are not permitted to enter the Kelly Tarlton's carpark in the daytime. Unless specifically told otherwise, your bus stop for dropoff and pickup is located outside Hammerheads, 19 Tamaki Drive. All self guided visits must enter the aquarium through the main entrance.


Authentic Themed Displays

The displays at Kelly Tarlton's allow the students to appreciate the diversity of New Zealand and the Southern Ocean's unique aquatic habitats and their fascinating fauna and flora.

Kelly Tarlton's offers educational visits for students from pre-school through to tertiary level. Our education team possess in-depth knowledge of their subject matter and are happy to design lessons to meet your particular curriculum needs. Lessons are based on sound educational principles, and designed to enhance the overall experience enjoyed at Kelly Tarlton's.

Pre-Schools, Schools and Holiday Programmes are all eligible for heavily discounted Educational Rates - plus a free adult supervisory allowance!

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We have an exciting new range of resources to use during your visit to the aquarium.

  • Amazing Oceans (3-4 years)
  • Conservation (5 - 11 years)
  • Habitats and Adaptations (5 - 11 years)
  • Foodchains and Ecosystems (5 - 11 years)
  • Behaviour (5 - 11 years)

Contact us when making your self guided booking and we will send these out with your visit documents.

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