Open 9:30am - 5pm daily. Last entries 4pm. 23 Tamaki Drive, Orakei, Auckland

Fish Gallery

Journey into New Zealand’s rocky shores where you will find a selection of the world’s most interesting sea creatures, from across both oceans and rivers.

Here you'll see everything from huge crayfish, octopus, pigfish, and moray eels. Don't miss our tropical fish displays - where colour and beauty are the norm and the odd fish is known to be a clown. Plus you will also see species such as Lionfish, and Clown triggerfish.

Individual tanks mean you can get a close-up view of these fish, to see their varying colours and distinguishing markings which make them so unique!

Our fish are fed daily and together they consume about 100 kg of fish, squid, mussels, and dietary supplements each week.

Lionfish: Uncover the lethal beauty of the infamous Lionfish
Clown Triggerfish: A fish with a reputation for nipping divers
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